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Dr.Rajah sir Annamalai chettiar, He is the founder and chairman of Annamalai University. It was Established in 1929. It is the state university located in Annamalai Nagar in chidambaram,Tamilnadu. It is one of the biggest university in the state of Tamilnadu after Madras university.

Courses Offered:
In Annamalai University, courses are Arts, sciences,Indian languages, Engineering & Technology, Fine arts, Dentistry, Medical sciences, Agriculture,Marine Technology Etc.... There are 300 courses under distance Education,those who are unable to attend,learn in Regular, Its one of the most populous to pursue their studies in Directorate of Distance Education(DDE).
Now,The infrastructure is very good compare to other colleges/universities. In 2005,Annamalai university opened in small campus in Canada,Toronto.


In chidambaram, Lord Nataraja Temple is one of the famous temple in south India. Its located as far 2kms from Annamalai University.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Basics of Electronics

Electronics- It is one of the electrical technology. Its control & perform the electrons. nowadays, we can use the semiconductor components to perform the electron control.
Electronics devices & components:
Like capacitor,resistor,transistor,diode .... are all components used in Electronics. there are two types of components. Active & passive components.
Resistor-It is the 2-terminal component and its produces voltage is proportional to current through accordance which using Ohm's law. (i.e. V=IR). unit-ohm.
How to find the resistance value?
We have to identify from the color coding from the resistance.
Black-0*1, Brown-1*10,Red-2*100, Orange-3*1000,Yellow-4*10,000,Green-5*100,000,Blue-6*1,000,000,Violet-7*10,000,000,Grey-8*100,000,000,White-9
Tolerance or accuracy-Gold-5%, Silver-10%.
Capacitor-It is the passive electronic component, Its block the direct current while allowing Alternating current to pass, and to filter for other purposes used. Unit- farads.
Diode-It is the 2-terminal Electronic component,which conducting Electric current flows in uni-directional. It has 2-terminals P-N junction.
Semiconductor Diode-Like silicon is the semiconductor,which added impurities and one side contains negative charge(Electrons) is called N-type semiconductor. other side contains positive charge (Holes) is called P-type semiconductor.
Ohms law- If the current passing through the conductor is directly proportional to voltage(V), and inversely proportional to resistance(R).
i.e. I=V/R (Ohms law)
Transistor- It is the semiconductor devices which amplify the Electronic signals. It has 3-regions Emitter(E), Base(B) & Collector(C).